MDEC appoints Ukuya as Technology Solution Provider (TSP)

29 Sep 2020

Ukuya has been appointed by MDEC Technology Solution Provider this allowing all qualifying Malaysian SMEs to apply for the SME Digitalisation Grant of up to RM5,000 for the first 100,000 SMEs.

Contact us today to kick off your own digital transformation with this grant. See MDEC SME Digitalisation Grant for more information.


Organizational changes are ever present whether driven by business improvements or competition, and yet change is difficult for most organizations. Changes driven without sufficient understanding of business objectives and needs, or necessary outcomes, make changes even more challenging and riskier.

At Ukuya, we understand the environment and the need for business changes and we work together with clients to enable solutions for organizations to improve workflows or create new user-defining experiences.

  • Create strong user experiences
  • Improve communications
  • Digitize workflows to increase employee productivity
  • Data Visualisations
  • Collect new data for new insights


Business and organizations exist through, and work with groups and communities; why shouldn’t your applications work the same way?

Introducing people-based applications for your community of users

With our innovative design and solutions, Ukuya provides user-networked in social-media based communities combined with dedicated community and online applications to integrate to bring work, learning, communications and benefits to your organizational community.

Going digital with people

Doing things digitally does not mean working in an unfamiliar environment. Here at Ukuya, we pay a lot of attention to the human interfaces, to ensure that users work and learn naturally, and all our solutions reflect this fundamental principle.

Connecting users

Whether at the workplace or at school, or for a charitable cause, people are inevitably connected and relate to each other. Our applications reflect such dynamic people-relationships to foster common activities whether working or learning together.

Applications that work for people

Most software applications require people to work in the manner dictated by these applications. Whereas our Ukuya solutions actually work for people instead. We make our software intuitive and user-friendly all the way. Our applications are designed to ensure it follows the human way of doing things right from the very start.



Ukuya brings a wide array and wealth of skills, expertise and experience from the Asia-Pacific region to assist our clients to build business and organization-relevant solutions.

Expertise and Experience to future‐proof your Platform

Ukuya is designed for corporate, academia and user communities. We bring our human connectivity and interaction experience to these networks and in turn, all our collective experience and learnings from these diverse human interactions to continually enhance and sharpen the interactivity and engagement for your user network and links to the wider web users.

Delivering Diverse Solutions

We are able to assist you with diverse community solutions. We have implemented community sites for universities for students/alumni with integrated job portals to a volunteer community with matching volunteer projects, and a nationwide professional networking community with learning and development. Our community platform enables the connectivity and integration of various community functions and communications to ensure the fully-connected and fully–informed community.

Human‐designed User Engagement from Leading Experts

Ukuya brings together a group of design-thinkers, psychologists, academia, leading user and consumer engagement groups and business leaders, human resource practitioners, IT and social media experts from leading global multinationals to design, consult, advise and continually improve the Ukuya Platform, all of which will be constantly upgraded as part of the all-inclusive package solution.

A Scalable and Rapid Deployment

We employ a rapid prototyping and implementation approach to enable rapid customization and hence deployment of the Ukuya System across the Asia-Pacific region. Our standard networking and collaboration application can be implemented rapidly, thereby allowing immediate prototyping and development to cater to client’s needs and drastically reducing implementation risks for customized or new features required. In the longer term – we continuously collaborate and enhance system’s features and functionality to meet the evolving needs of our clients.



At Ukuya, delivering solutions begins with gaining a deep understanding of our client’s business needs.

At the heart of designing and deploying innovative and enabling solutions, a through understanding of our clients' current state of operations and their desired business outcomes is the fundamental driver to solutions that work for, and deliver, client needs.

Understanding what our clients do

We devote time to understanding the whole picture for our clients: from their business and organization objectives to the processes that deliver these objectives, and most importantly, the people in the organization working the processes and responsible for delivering their individual outcomes and objectives.

At Ukuya, ensuring our solutions to enable our clients to achieve their objectives is important to the work that we do. We want our solutions to not just help our clients perform but to do things easier and enable them to perform better.

Putting our solutions to work

Ukuya is experienced in working with enterprise-wide solutions covering our functional and operational expertise in manufacturing, supply chain & logistics, distribution, finance etc. with e‑commerce.

Our experiences include corporate IT solutions for CRM, People and HR Management for enterprises and Learning systems.

We bring our collective business and IT experiences to the applications we design and deploy to ensure a deep fit for your organization regardless of size.




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